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Primary Care Specializing in You!

Sunshine Healthcare Solutions is a Medical Marijuana Provider

As a primary care provider we are committed to providing the most effective treatments for chronic illnesses, pain, or anxiety.  With the legalization of Marijuana for medicinal purposes there are new opportunities for enhanced treatments.  Let our experienced providers determine if you can benefit from this form of therapy.


Initial Intake and State Registration – $100
Initial Physical Exam and Recommendation – $200
Veterans and Existing Card Holders – $50 off Initial Intake
Florida Department of Health Processing Fee – $75
Required 210 Day Re-Certification – $150

It normally takes 1-2 weeks after submitting payment to the Department of Health until you receive an email confirming your card is being sent out. Once you receive the confirmation email, you can access your cannabis recommendation from any approved dispensary.

Once your medical record is gathered, contact our office and one of our staff will review for eligibility and schedule an appointment for a physical exam.

After meeting with our doctor, you will now qualify and we will initiate the steps and register you with the Compassionate Use Registry to receive your Medical Marijuana Card. You will then receive an email from the registry with a temporary password to log in and review your application for your card. If all information is correct and proof of residency uploaded you would then sign the bottom application and submit payment to process the card.

It normally takes 1-2 weeks after submitting payment for approval. Once you receive the confirmation email you will be able to contact any state approved dispensary and place an order. You should print the email and keep on hand til you receive your physical card in the mail.

To recommend medical marijuana, a physician must diagnose a patient with a qualifying condition and conclude the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks to the patient. Once the initial certification is issued, the physician must re-evaluate the existing qualified
patient at least once every 30 weeks (210 days) before issuing a new certification.


Any Comparable

Crohn's Disease





Multiple Sclerosis

Non-Malignant Pain

Parkinson's Disease


Terminal Diagnosis

Florida Flag MMJ Marijuana

Florida passed legislation for residents to now have the option to try Medical Marijuana as treatment for chronic debilitating medical conditions.  

Dr. Kolodchak is a licensed Medical Marijuana provider and can provide information as a treatment and assist with the entire process on qualifying.

First you would need to gather any medical records pertaining to the condition(s) you’re seeking treatment for. If needed we can have you fill a medical
release to obtain diagnosis information from your previous physicians. 

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